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Since 2004, TW AUDIO develops and manufactures professional speaker systems at their site in Ludwigsburg under the direction of founder Tobias Wüstner. The current range includes a number of excellent individual components as well as complete plug’n’play sound systems and smart accessories. With these products, TW AUDiO provides for a large number of users and sound reinforcement applications an optimal solution – tailored for many needs and demands.


The history and development of TW AUDiO is very closely connected with the know-how and experience of the founder of the company, Tobias Wüstner.
When he was sixteen, the doors to a new world were opened up for him by a key experience: during a concert of his two older brothers, he had his first opportunity to join in on the mixing desk. He was fascinated by how professional, public-address loudspeakers can convey the music, making it something that can be felt and experienced physically. He began to listen deliberately, to learn how to understand and experience the music.

In the middle of the 90s, after several years as a drummer and sound technician, with countless jobs in every kind of music, Tobias Wüstner began to work professionally as a loudspeaker developer. He came up with almost the complete product range of the brand Concert Audio and – with a lot of personal commitment – achieved an excellent standing on the market. He has been on the road all over Europe as a PA system engineer, and installed and looked after concerts by the Backstreetboys, David Bowie, Simply Red, Phil Collins, PUR and many other big-name, national and international artists.

At the beginning of 2004, Tobias Wüstner decided to develop professional loudspeaker systems under his personal direction, and to apply the experience gained from countless events, in a decade in the rental and tour business. His constantly growing personal requirements regarding the quality of loudspeaker systems, his contacts to the industry, which have grown over the decades, and the industry’s reception of the products he has developed to date have encouraged him in this.

TW AUDiO was born.


Our Philosophy – “Energetic Sound Solutions”

Ideas for new products and further developments by TW AUDiO arise from intensive and constant communication with rental and installation companies, technicians and bands. An attentive ear for their challenges, wishes and experiences gives us the impetus for the development of our PA solutions – the speakers from TW AUDiO – what we call “energetic sound solutions”.

The requirements for loudspeakers have risen enormously over the past few years as regards weight, size, power, handling, accessories, scalability and flexibility, and of course the sound. All of these are now equal influencing factors needing to be taken into account. Our attention to these factors, which is reflected in all TW AUDiO products, ensures the “timelessness” of our loudspeaker systems.

The TW AUDiO Range:
What do demanding users now expect of professional PA technology and what will they expect tomorrow?
Our current product range comprises a series of special and excellent individual components, as well as complete public address systems and intelligent accessories. Always combined with the TW AUDiO system philosophy.
With this range we are offering an optimal solution for many users and tasks – tailor-made to numerous needs and requirements.
Those who are interested and readers who do not yet find quite what they are looking for on the following pages are assured that we are constantly working on new, innovative products, from small to large, and will be continuing to cause a sensation…

The TW AUDiO Promise:
What is behind our trademark?
Our passion for innovative technology and impressive products drives us on: we have a background of practical experience and practical use is what we develop for. Our team applies personal experience from more than 20 years in the rental and tour business to the benefit of our customers. We create lasting value. This is what all TW AUDiO products, our founder Tobias Wüstner, and every single TW AUDiO employee stand for.

TW Audio 1

VERA Series

The Designation VERA comes quite simply from the way these loudspeakers are used in VERtical Arrays. The series is based on the VERA10 top, a compact line-array element with a system width of 50cm and scalable up to an array length of 18 elements. Just two tops and you’ve got your starting system for high-quality, small scale sound solutions. But of course we had more in mind when we were designing and developing the VERA10. We wanted to give users a range of options, lots of options – gala events, touring, open-air, stadium, rock concerts, from small to quite big. And all witho one system that can be flexibly extended as needed with the most various system somponents. There would be initially the VERA L24, a low-mid extender specially developed for this line array system. Then there are the flying-capable sub-woofers VERA S15, VERA S18, and VERA S30. They are available to provide a more powerful bass reproduction. And finally the VERA36 which takes on jobs that her little sister VER10 prefers to step aside from.

TW Audio 2

B Series

The B stands for the job demanded of the loudspeakers in this series – Bass reproduction.

The B Series comprises four subwoofer models for ground stack operation. All four vary in size and performance, and have been developed to meet various sound challenges. But all the models have one thing in common – each of them fulfills the specific job it’s designed for especially well, whether it’s as an extremely compact bass extension for monitoring or in small live clubs, or as universal sub-woofers ranging from a one-speaker structure to complex bass arrays, or for massive deep bass reproduction for big tour or open air productions.

B Series subwoofers are the basis and foundation of the TW AUDiO sound. Each one optimized for its area of operation, but at the same time universally deployable and allowing for flexibility of combination.

TW Audio 3

M Series

The Chameleon.

M for “Multi-functional” Use it for small, inconspicuous voice amplification, as a stage monitor, as a full range speaker, or even purely as a top in compact club and live PA systems. Equipped with high frequency horns specially developed for this series and optimized using the boundary elements method (BEM). Coverage angles of 90 x 60 degrees for M6 and M8 and 75 x 50 degrees for the other models, rotatable by 90 degrees to suit the areas where it’s being used. Its complex passive frequency cross-over do not just coordinate the phases of woofers and mid-high drivers, but also linearize the frequency responses of whole systems. Because for us, multifunctional of course includes the usability in conjunction with any standard amplifier, even without DSP or external controllers.

That makes the M Series loudspeakers true quick-change artists – just like chameleons.

TW Audio 4

T Series

Conventional horn tops in times of line arrays – does it still make sense?

Clearly – we say YES!

Compact and efficient horn tops make sound solutions particularly easy, quick, efficient thus economical up

to a certain size.

For even more flexibility and depending on the field of use, the 60 × 40 or 90 × 50 degree mid high range horn tops can be exchanged without the use of additional tools. To complement our loudspeakers, the T series has an extensive range of accessories making nearly every conceivable set-up and installation variation possible.

Try it out and discover yourself – it does not always have to be a line array


TW Audio 5

C Series

C for Coaxial.

Our C series includes three coaxial constructed two-way loudspeakers. As a true point source, coaxial systems offer dispersion without interference on all axes which is why they are always first choice for monitoring. Finally it is the artists on stage requiring an even and all round control in their area of movement.

A monitor should also sound particularly vivid and direct. Able to prevail acoustically on stage in loud surroundings without being disruptive.

No matter what style of music it should always offer enough headroom with a fairly low tendency to feed back.

No EQ interventions should be necessary. Without additional controllers preferably passive it should function correctly on one amplifier channel. Simply plug in, switch on and listen.

The monitors should integrate themselves in any stage set discreetly and inconspicuously, mechanically withstand the daily RnR routine, walk-on-able, tilt proof and always confident.


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